There are things that we don’t exactly know why we do. There are hypothetical things we want to believe in. And existent worlds, we hope that they never did so. Each of us keep trying to figure out the sole purpose of our existence. All our life, we humans, wiggle our way through the crowds.Human race is like a desperate stream of water, branching itself through the paths thickened by pebbles.Seeping through. Trying to find the destination. Distributing and redistributing self and leaving a tiny part of ourselves in every person we come across. 

One such fancy belief that I love cultivating, is that whenever we come across a person, we exchange a minute part of our memories, involuntarily. Any person. Any random person, I say. Maybe the red-framed spectacles guy drinking chai at the dhaba on the other side of the road. The old lady who walked past me in the subway. No. I don’t remember how she looked. I just remember that for those 9 seconds of time, I had considered she was really pretty.So what, if I end up forgetting them by the evening. A mere moment of them in our lives makes a difference. 

Rains are good. They keep us home. At least physically. Although my brain is like one heluva drunkard, trotting willy-nilly from thought to thought.It hates staying home. The day i created this blog,I had no plans of how to use it or what to publish in it. I was hoping it got tired too, it had wandered enough. I slept not knowing that my thoughts were back to me, silently drawing pictures and making me smile in my sleep. I felt my brain petting me. 
I was woken up by Casper, licking my face all over. So happy to see me awake. And I am here, back again with my regularly irregular thoughts and brilliant brain suggesting more and more about this blog post. Enough of pondering. I have got to feed my sweet little love, Casper.



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