Nena goes off the wall. #1

The new city that she shifted to was not as much of unicorns and cupcakes as Nena had expected it to be. The city bored Nena’s pants off. She kept hoping that things will fall into place sooner. But there was one thing that somebody had to teach her,she never gave the city any time to prove itself. She ghosted past every lamppost in rapid strides. This being her daily routine, rarely did she even smile at the nearby grocery store guy. A few months, and she was famous as the ‘that unsocial’ girl, among her apartment people.That’s that with the apartment ladies. If you gossip and fake a smile, they talk about you when you are not there. If you don’t, they talk anyway. Nena was a spinster. Of course, she was a topic, pretty often. She was a mystery to all.These weren’t a bother to Nena. In fact, she was in her dreams of the summer haze. To get over with the assignment and move back to her safe city of love.
After three long months, she was getting a holiday. A national holiday. In fact, a whole of a weekend off. On her way back, she sat in the subway, partly reading partly wondering about what to do the next 2 days. The compartment was full of happy faces and sweatty people. She quit reading and plugged herself to the phone music. Loud enough to keep the thoughts away. That night, she had her dinner and tried watching a movie, but slept halfway through. The next day Nena was woken up by a call from her darling friend, Anci. Anci has just boarded the flight and is coming to ‘the new city.’ And the surprise triggered the wild cats in Nena. Anci was not the only one visiting. Krish too. She wished Neil and Winnie would also be there. But they couldn’t. These people were the anchors to Nena’s true madness. She would sway off to sanity pretty often. But then what are friends for.
A few hours more, and she would meet her friends, literally after months. There were days when Anci was her roommate and Neil,Winnie,Krish used to stay just in the next block [the guy’s hostel]. Now, each one of them were miles and miles away. Nena was super excited. She started pulling out dresses from her shelf. For sometime, she tried on every dress. Soon, tired enough, she left thinking about what she was gonna wear.
It was 4 in the evening.Both Krish and Anci had reached… Waiting for her in a cafe, in some ‘Blah Blah’ part of the city. After an hour of guidance, Krish successfully taught Nena how to reach the cafe. Soon there were loads of hugs and kisses. And a lott of memories relived. Krish used to stay in the city.Recently moved out. He had pretty many friends here. Anci and Nena had some girl talk for a while. Nena was way too bored to order coffee for herself. She literally lived on coffee, these days. “Shots.Two large.” she said.Both Anci and Krish turned their heads in awe. Nena was a person who kept herself from any of the potent fun. But man.She ordered a shot after shot. Hammered. Maybe the new city has brought some changes to her. Or maybe, she was just bursting the bubbles. She hadn’t a plan in her head. She didn’t even for once, think of what she was doing. Nena, Anci,Krish and some of his (Krish’s) friends kept talking.It felt good. Nena was talking and smiling after days.There had been days, where the only human interaction she had was paying her newspaper guy. And here she was, back to being herself. The music was good.The drinks were good. The company was too good.No one realized, but the skies had turned dark outside. At about 10, after 5 hours, Krish looked at his phone and the time stamp shocked him. Nena was heavily inebriated on the thought of having friends around and otherwise too.
That night was way more awesome.None of the combinations of the mere twenty six alphabets could explain how she felt . Nena made a legendary hammerfest that night. She threw up in the subway. And just before getting caught by the subway guards, they fled. Anci cleaned up Nena. Nena became a sorry dynamo. She kept apologizing for a while. Of course Anci knew how to stop that.Soon, Nena was all dancing around on the streets and talking funny shit with strangers. Laughing loud at the awkward cab driver.And Krish had the fun of his life. There was music all around. And the city now felt a little not-new. All she needed was friends. There bloomed so much love.

That night, Nena dreamt of rainbows.


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