Nena gets the dengue fever. #2

Nena was hosting a surprise belated birthday bash for 5 of her friends. It was going to be epic. She kept telling herself. The party was hell loads of fun. Though she didn’t smoke or drink that night. The music was great. In fact she danced way too much. She liked letting herself free on such occasions. Especially when it was an all girls jig. All the girls slept late. And of course woke up late. Nena dreamt a lot that night. She anticipated that she must be missing her best friend. She yet felt low when she woke up late next noon. It was only after when Summer happened to hug her, thanking her for the last night’s fun, did she realise that she was having a high temperature.  Summer panicked more than usual, Nena thought. But when Mona also showed the same reaction, Nena realised,  she was having a very high fever. 106. They checked. It was way too high. Nena was radiating heat waves. For the next 3 days, Nena had frequent occurrences of high fever. Summer took note of the temperature and maintained the paracetamol supplies. Mona attended Nena. With so much love,  Nena thought and smiled in the half asleep mode. After observing for 3 days, Mona and Summer concluded that it was either malaria or dengue. But of course , they were no doctors. Their conclusion was based on the symptoms Nena showed and their googling skills. Google always had the answers. On the 4th day, Mona had called the blood collector from some nearby pathlab. Blood tests would reveal correctly what it was. Nena had coughed blood that morning. She was terrified to see blood in the sink. To add to the pain, her eyes begun aching. She wanted to Google and find out what it could be, but she couldn’t even sit straight. She was drained off of her energy. All she did was dream weird and meaningless. She would be woken and made to eat in between.  Regular doses of paracetamol had painted her pallet bland. “In fact, food tastes like vomit.” She kept saying every time someone forced her to eat. Soon the blood tests showed :
Within half an hour, both Mona and Summer controlled their panic stricken selves.  And decided to take Nena to the physician. Others residents of the flat were also duly informed. 


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