The summer is almost over this year. The fun part of staying home and enjoying every tick is being all wetted by the rains. No more swimming. That part sucks the most, I say.
Yes. Some 90ish percent people on this planet love rains. And Darling! No. I don’t call this ‘cuddle weather‘. God knows what’s the fun in sipping soup and wanting to crawl back into blankets, at any and every part of the day.
Not that I am one of those super enthusiastic sportspersons. LMAO. Not even close. Am a lazy couch potato, who wants to wear minimal clothes, enjoys very few physical activities. And when i can’t meet my daily goals for maybe a day or two, I come here and rant. I don’t think that changes anything , not the weather paroxysm at the least.Having said that, I feel better though. Dopamine I guess. Some kind of feel good chemical in the brain has to be the reason. Everytime I complain about the weather, my Mom shrugs off and says,” Mother Nature has enough of these toddler tantrums.Quit sulking.”  Whatever.

That’s it, I suppose.I haven’t got much to write about today. And then there is my hot chocolate waiting for me to sluuurrrrp! 😉


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